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A DIY Tutorial on How to Easily Make Cute Dog Painting Art with Scruffy.AI

Styles for your Dog Painting

Start with a painting theme that reflects your pet's cute personality.

Why Scruffy.AI?

Scruffy.AI stands out in the pet-loving community for its commitment to making art creation accessible and fun for dog parents. This platform isn't just about turning photos into paintings; it's about capturing the essence of your dog's character in a fun way with powerful tools. With Scruffy.AI, you're not just getting a digital portrait or custom portrait available in different sizes; you're receiving a personalized masterpiece that tells a story—the story of your dog--a custom painting ready for the gallery wall. From regal poses to whimsical scenes, Scruffy.AI caters to every dog's unique spirit. If you are looking for a unique gift with 5-star reviews, for a dog lover, and don't want to struggle with dog lick art or pup's paw art, Scruffy.ai is a great provider of dog art that can be used for your own pets or for memorial ideas. The good news is Scruffy.ai's portraits are a creative way to show extraordinary care of your dog with the charm of DIY arts.

Dog Portrait Frames and Sizes

Scruffy.ai offers a variety of sizes and frames for your dog portraits.

Step-by-Step "DIY" Art Creation

Creating a custom dog portrait with Scruffy.AI is a delightful experience, designed to be seamless and enjoyable:

  1. First Thing, Choose Your Style: Start by selecting a theme that resonates with your pet's personality. Whether it's the nobility of a royal portrait, the adventurous spirit of a space explorer, or a simple yet profound capture of their innocence as in a puppy portrait, Scruffy.AI has a plethora of themes to suit every dog's persona.
  2. Upload Your Photos: Choose high-quality photos of your dog. These photo will serve as the canvas for Scruffy.AI's digital artists, so pick one that truly captures your pet's spirit.
  3. The Artistic Transformation: Once you've selected your theme and uploaded your photos, Scruffy.AI's team of skilled AI artists gets to work. Using a combination of advanced technology and traditional art techniques, they transform your ordinary photo into an extraordinary piece of art that reflects your dog's charm. All without you having to pick up a paintbrush or buy craft supplies.
  4. Admire and Share: After a short wait, you'll receive your custom dog painting with free shipping. It's now time to admire the artwork, share it with friends and family.

How to Create Your Portrait


Select a Style

Dive into our collection of distinctive portrait styles.


Upload Pictures

Browse your camera roll or Instagram snaps.


Pick Your Favorite

It's decision time! Pick the portrait that captures your pet's personality best.

Gallery of Transformations

Follow the five-star reviews and examples on Scruffy.ai's product pages. You can view digital items and canvases that dog lovers have provided in their customer reviews.

Dog Artwork Samples

Scruffy.ai offers a numerous options of artwork for you to choose from.


A custom portrait from Scruffy.AI is a heartfelt celebration of your dog's life and the joy they bring into your world. This DIY tutorial aims to guide you in creating a piece of art that is both meaningful and beautiful. With just a few clicks, you can start this artistic adventure on Scruffy.AI, celebrating your beloved pet in the most unique and special way. Explore the endless possibilities with Scruffy.AI and cherish the bond with your furry friend through art.

variety of dog portraits

Thanks for your time! -Scruffy Squad